Body Fat and Plasma Lipid Profile in Different Levels of Physical Fitness in Male Students

Jamshid Hossain-Alizadeh, Mohammad Taghi Goodarzi


Background: Adiposity is correlated with metabolic complications, such as insulin resistance, glucose intolerance, hypertension etc. that finally can lead to coronary heart disease (CHD). Physical activity plays an important role in prevention of these diseases. We aimed to study body fat and plasma lipids and lipoproteins in different levels of physical fitness; also to examine any relationship between body fat and level of physical fitness.

Methods: In this cross-sectional study carried out in Hamadan University of Medical Sciences (Hamadan, Iran) during 2010-2011, 80 healthy volunteer male students (19-27 yr old) were enrolled. The subjects were divided to three groups i.e. good, average and weak according to their physical fitness scores. Their lipid profile was determined using an auto-analyzer and commercial enzymatic spectorophptometric kits. Besides, body fat was determined using skinfold technique. The fitness tests were carried out for all participants, including: speed, stamina, aerobic endurance, muscular strength etc.

Results: The mean of body fat (%) in the subjects with good, medium and weak levels of physical activity was 8.25, 11.98, and 22.65 % respectively. There were no significant differences in lipid parameters between the subjects with different level of physical fitness. A negative significant correlation was observed between physical fitness and body fat (r=-0.27, P=0.034). The body fat increased with increases in serum triglyceride.

Conclusions: The presence of difference in mean of body fat percent in different physical fitness confirms that aerobic activity improves the plasma lipid and lipoprotein profile, and can diminish the body fat.


Lipids; Lipoprotein; Body fat; Physical fitness

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